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The long-lasting and user-friendly active ingredient for insect repellents


Insect repellents need to be effective yet gentle, so everyone is protected, including vulnerable groups such as infants. These days, protection against mosquitoes, ticks and other assorted bugs is more important than ever. No matter how sensitive your skin, Saltidin® (Picaridin/Icaridin) is the product of choice.


Applying Saltidin®, the active ingredient for repellents, is an extremely effective way to give yourself protection from insect and tick bites. Developed in 1985 as
an effective yet gentle alternative to DEET, Saltidin® continues its worldwide success story to this day.


Saltidin® is Saltigo’s brand name for the active ingredient. The name is sometimes found on insect-repellent packaging, but more often found on labeling is the chemical name Icaridin or, on English-language packaging, Picaridin. 

- Regulatory requirements in the United States differ from the EU. Please visit www.picaridin.saltidin.com to get in touch with our US team -
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Why Saltidin®?

Saltidin®: Gentle and effective protection against insects, ticks & assorted bugs. 
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Saltidin®: What is it about and how does it work? Here you will find some responses to common questions about the application and formulation of this active ingredient for repellents. 
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Regulatory Support

Saltigo is at hand to provide regulatory information to manufacturers planning a product based on Saltidin® repellent.
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Technical Support

Repellents with Saltidin®: We are here to support your product development.





LANXESS is a leading supplier of high quality ingredients to make cosmetics and personal care products safer, more sustainable and better performing. The preservatives, fragrances and multifunctional and active ingredients are available under the established brands Purox, Kalama, Purolan, Solbrol and Saltidin.


Reaction vessel at the hydrogenation plant of Saltigo GmbH in Leverkusen. Photo: Saltigo GmbH


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Saltidin®: Effective protection against mosquitoes, ticks and other biting pests

Bites by mosquitoes, ticks, and other biting pests pose a health risk. The LANXESS active ingredient Saltidin® keeps the troublesome bloodsuckers away. 
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LANXESS Saltidin®/Icaridin effectively repels mosquitoes and ticks

Ticks and mosquitoes transmit dangerous diseases. Learn here how to protect yourself, for example by using repellents containing Saltidin®.


Here you can find all Saltigo trade fairs.
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